Authentic partnerships. Meaningful outcomes.


The Collaborative Training Network LLC
provides services to parks and recreation entities in the areas of:

Staff Training & Development

Everyone needs a little help with training. CTN staff are skilled at instructional design and understanding that adults learn differently than children. We take time to discuss your challenges and get to know your staff. Our training and education programs are designed collaboratively - with your input and our training expertise.

Agency Planning & Engagement

Planning and engagement done well takes time and thoughtful action. Our staff engage you and your stakeholders in meaningful ways that work best for your agency and community. We focus on the outcomes of your project first, and then design a plan to obtain those outcomes. Our products are tailored to your agency.

The CTN Method

Productive Collaboration

We provide genuine attention and truly listen to your needs, resulting in products that are both tailored and highly useful. We work to understand your agency’s culture and experiences to create products that work for you.

Multi-Sector Experience

Our network brings experience and perspectives from local municipalities, state and federal agencies, colleges, the health industry, and small business.

High Quality Editing & Design

We work with a professional team of editors and designers to create products that are: functional, easy to consume, and visually appealing.

Testimonials From Our Network

Sally was a tremendous project leader. We presented her with nearly an impossible deadline, but she kept us on track and delivered an outstanding final product.  I can’t thank Sally enough for her leadership and commitment to delivering a first-rate plan.

Jim Cleveland

Parks and Recreation Director, Town of Parker Colorado

Working with Sally has been a joy and an incredible professional learning experience. Sally pours her heart and soul into her projects - and we are better for the infusion. She gets to know her partners and applies her skills in ways that empower clients, partners, and her community. Her project management skills keep her team accountable and on track, while her purposeful and respectful approach results in products that are both useful and used.

Kate Wiltz

Project Manager, Eppley Institute for Parks and Public Lands & Monroe County Councilwoman, Indiana

I am pleased that Sally is creating a consulting firm that is tying her parks, recreation and health passions with training and consultation. She brings a unique set of skills and in-depth understanding of the challenges and issues facing park and recreation agencies and professionals today. Her positive energy and ability to connect with people are assets to any agency wishing to improve its performance, raise its awareness in the community, or strengthen its relationship with its employees.

Jane H. Adams

Retired Executive Director, California Park & Recreation Society

Sally was a wonderful mentor while I worked at the Eppley Institute for Parks and Public Lands. What I enjoyed most about working with Sally was her passion and ability to build lasting, working relationships. These are the sorts of traits individuals like to see in their mentors/colleagues because they make you look forward to working the next day! Sally's aspiration to launch the CTN makes perfect sense. I have no doubt that her future collaborators and partners will come to respect Sally's professionalism and engaging nature as much as I do.

Kevin Naaman

PhD Student, School of Public Health, Indiana University-Bloomington

Sally brings an energy and enthusiasm to her work that engages those with whom she works. She was the lead project manager when the MCHD started the strategic planning process. Leading two local health departments (Monroe and Ripley) to detailed, 5 year, strategic plans was a new arena of work and she led the charge with professionalism. She worked hard to understand our work, or mission, and our needs. The end result was a thorough, detailed strategic plan for the departments. Sally guided us through a new process that we could not have completed on our own in such a short time.

Penny Caudill

Health Administrator, Monroe County Health Department, Indiana

Sally is truly a talented educator who is driven to develop effective and affordable training programs that resonate with staff and make meaningful impacts within agencies. Her skills as an educator are complemented by her strategic approach to planning and community engagement. Sally delivers results and outstanding outcomes.  While selecting a highly effective consultant can, at-times, be a distressing challenge, Sally’s Collaborative Training Network has become an easy choice for exceptional service.

William Roche

Assistant Director of Parks, Newport News Virginia

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