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Services & Outcomes

Staff Training & Development

Using your feedback and expertise and our training experience, we create and implement highly useful training programs covering topics that create efficiencies, improve staff retention, and add value to your agency. Our training designs engage your staff and make them feel valued. We believe training should be fun, interactive, and highly effective.

Agency Planning & Engagement

We all know it is difficult to do everything in your agency and also plan for the future. Describe your challenges and we’ll develop the systems, policies, and training that help alleviate stresses and lead to data-driven decision making. Our passion for planning lies in operational effectiveness and meaningful outcomes.

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Examples of Services

Staff or volunteer training

Example of potential issue: Staff in different departments operate separately and act in silos

Service: Development and implementation of staff training on agency best practices and working as a team
Outcome of service: Engaged staff who feel invested in and are retained longer

Strategic planning

Example of potential issue: Your agency hired a new director and it is time to reflect on the plans for the future

Service: Development of an internal agency strategic plan
Outcome of service: Improved staff engagement and enhanced organizational efficiency

Operations planning

Example of potential issue: Your agency does not regularly inspect and maintain playgrounds

Service: Development & implementation of a comprehensive playground safety program
Outcome of service: Safer playgrounds, reduced liability, and increased return on investment of play equipment

Example of potential issue: Your staff feel undervalued, not engaged, and you have high turnover rates

Service: Review of organizational culture
Outcome of service: Improved staff morale and better operational leadership and understanding

Example of potential issue: You promote staff to management roles, but they struggle with the new responsibilities and managing people

Service: Development of Managing People 101 for Parks and Recreation
Outcome of service: Improved staff retention and morale, enhanced operational efficiency

If you struggle with an issue, chances are someone in our network does too. We want our products ​to be useful and sustainable​ -​ ​s​o much so​,​ that every project includes a 6-12 month follow-up to allow for feedback, edits, and refinement​.​​ We are committed to your success.​ Don't hesitate to reach out!​ 

Interested in a consultation?
Introductory Consultation

Parks and people are my passions! I’m always interested in hearing about the challenges agencies face and discussing ways we can help. Please contact us to set up a time for a phone or video chat. Let’s see how we can collaborate to overcome a challenge, no charge!

In-depth Consultation

​Some challenges take unique solutions that can only be developed with key people in the room, working together. We can discuss fees for an in-depth half day or full day consultation, including a recommendations report. Please contact us - it​'​s more affordable than you might imagine and more effective than you could hope for!

Current Project Spotlight

playground maintenance technician classroomCurriculum review & redevelopment of the National Playground Maintenance Technician Training Program

  • The CTN is honored to be working with the owner of the curriculum, the Park District Risk Management Agency, to enhance this unique and foundational program
  • The PMT incorporates sophisticated instructional techniques, is highly interactive, and encourages participants to apply new skills in the classroom
  • A two-day in-person comprehensive program, managed by the Eppley Institute, the PMT has trained over 2,000 participants domestically and abroad
  • Redevelopment of the curriculum is a year long process that includes: 1) incorporating feedback from past participants and hosts, 2) adding additional hands-on activities, 3) updating best practices, and 4) training instructors to utilize the new curriculum